If you are a Salvation Army person deep into toys, food baskets, and kettles you may gasp at Pride for Parents.  Is this a valid alternative to the way we do Christmas in America?  Could it work for the Army?

Xmas tree

Also from Bob Lupton’s Urban Perspectives, worth reading Blessed are the Poor for theirs is the Kingdom (a tribute to Eddie)

before I go rushing in to rescue a poor person, to save him from an impending crisis resulting from unwise decisions, perhaps I should ask “Who needs rescuing here?” Does my comfortable, stable, orderly lifestyle afford me a safe and elevated platform from which to judge (or misjudge) lesser ones? Could the financial security which I have worked so diligently to accumulate actually prevent me from experiencing a life of true faith? Does my “good common sense” (or middle class achiever values) make me blind to the Kingdom, the Kingdom Christ said would be harder for a rich man to enter than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle?