Lest we forget our people who are outside this week … PA


2 January, 2013
The temperature at noon was 1 degree Fahrenheit with a 13 mph wind, making it feel like -17. Last night it went down to -5. The only person at ‘the heater’ was Magdalene.
“She said, “Hi, my boyfriend, Alphonse is in hospital.”
“I’m sorry to hear that, which hospital is he in.”
“He’s in the Montfort. He’s been there for a couple of days now. He has pneumonia. Also, he’s had paranoia. He thought he saw people standing around his bed, but there was nobody there. He thought they were trying to kill him. He ran outside. The police brought him back in. They said that if he stayed outside, he would die.”When he got back to his hospital bed they gave him a glass of whiskey, because he’s an alcoholic.”I said, “Irving is on a program at The Oaks. They give him a glass…

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