Yesterday afternoon the sunlight was gorgeous as I drove north on US 65 through Missouri.  A couple hundred miles and I would be at my destination.

US Hwy 65

Compared to a little over a week ago when I also was driving through the state, this was easy and the roads ice-free.  The sun behind, no glare.  It illuminated the land around me making its winter colors rich and full.

I glimpsed different colors to the west.  Two flags.

A short metal flagpole with a small American flag.  Above it, a small Confederate flag.

I began watching my speed.  I had already been thinking of my friend’s story of being pulled over one night a few years ago while driving this same section of US Highway 65.  It would be difficult to prove it but if you are a person of color you would suspect or be convinced that the lawman’s agenda acquired new tones when he discovered the driver was black.  I know that my friend was convinced of it.

What do you suppose one feels when one is in this situation?

What does a person do when they find themselves in an untolerable situation?

Each MLK Day I read a sermon of Martin Luther King Jr.  I am ahead of schedule.  This morning I again read Letter from Birmingham Jail.  It remains powerful and deeply moving.

On some journeys, some don’t make it.  But they help others arrive just fine.

Yesterday I arrived just fine.