Twenty-one years ago I arrived home from a trip to Arizona with a bell.

Ever since it has hung wherever home has been.  Gail liked it.

The bell was crafted at Arcosanti, in the high desert 65 miles north of Phoenix.  Forty-three years ago Arcosanti was founded as an experiment in “how architecture, specifically the architecture of the city, could support the countless possibilities of human aspiration.”

I had visited Arcosanti with a group of youth development professionals in Phoenix for an institute.  Futuristic.  Evocative of George Lucas’ Star Wars.  Strangely wonderful.

This week a NY Times video feature on Italian architect Paolo Soleri, Arcosanti’s founder, notes Soleri’s death last April.  I feel somber this evening, that news coupled with that of conductor Claudio Abbado’s death this week.

Right now Gail’s bell is packed away, waiting to be placed wherever our new home may be somewhere in the city of St Louis. We aspire for countless possibilities there.