The Detroit Free Press relayed a 24/7 Wall St. blog post reporting Detroit is on the list of US cities where people now drive less.

According to a study by Michael Sivak, a research professor at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, the growth in households without a vehicle provides evidence that Americans are less dependent on cars than in the past. Sivak’s research also indicates that, per capita, Americans own fewer vehicles, drive fewer miles, and consume less fuel. While the number of households without a car rose nationwide, from 8.7% in 2007 to 9.2% in 2012, figures by city differ dramatically.

Which American cities have the highest numbers using public transportation, walking?  In the Midwest:  Chicago, Detroit and Milwaukee rank highest.  Conspicuously absent from the list:  cities from the South.  New York City:  over half of NYC households do not own an automobile.

What’s fueling this trend?  Urban layout, walkability and access to quality public transportation.  Important factors in cities becoming less motorized.

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