Gail says she saw the trailer for the new RoboCop directed by Brazilian filmaker José Padilha.  She wasn’t impressed.  Me?  I’m a sucker for these urban dystopian themed shows.  The 1987 RoboCop?  Loved it.  An urban epic like The WarriorsWarriors

Here’s Manohla Dargis’ NY Times RoboCop review.  He tells us that an update of “RoboCop was always going to be tough, if for no other reason than the original’s irony, and its future-shock visions have become today’s reality, from the downfall of Detroit to the embrace of privatization, the use of high-tech artificial limbs and the triumph of propaganda over public discourse.”

Today’s reality.  If you spend time today in some American cities you just might accept the Dargis analysis.

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