United Way of Greater St. Louis mobilizes the community with one goal in mind: helping people live their best possible lives.

Orv Kimbrough came on board last summer as the new Executive Director for the United Way of Greater St Louis.  His newsletter last week included this new mission statement for UW.

Orvin Kimbrough

Orv also writes of the region.  That St Louis is an entity beyond official city limits.  We are discovering it’s so with the challenge of failed school districts in the region.  The new Stan Musial Memorial Bridge on I-70 over the Mississippi.  Economic realities tying all 90+ municipalities together.  Good and bad, they are all signs of a way of seeing St Louis bringing together more people.

Eudaemonia, a fancy NT Greek word for well-being.  Do cities, urban regions, exist for the flourishing of its people?  I believe they can.  I also believe in a God who can.

I have come so that you may have life to the full.  (John 10:10)