Bonhoeffer opens his Ethics with a question, and it is not ‘what is the good I can do’, nor ‘how can I be good’, but rather ‘what is God’s will?’

This morning I am sitting around a large round table in a Salvation Army building a couple hundred feet from the Potomac River, a few miles from the Capitol.  Early in the morning, the view is beautiful.  The Capitol, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial.  All beautiful.

These are images as well as real stone structures.  They represent structures of power.

So, then, what is God’s will?

Iris read text after text from the Old Testament.  Psalms, Amos, Isaiah.  Isaiah 61.

This is the will of God.  And if I may sum it all up, Micah 6:8.

I am now sitting in a semi-dark room.  It is early morning and soon I will need to be on the move again down the road in Missouri.  One further consideration in the ethics thought of yesterday.

The prophet Micah says to do, to love and to walk.  Justice, kindness, and only humbly with God.

Again, Bonhoeffer.  Much deeper in his Ethics –

“Love … is the reality of being drawn and drawing others into an event, namely, into God’s community with the world, which has already been accomplished in Jesus Christ.  ‘Love’ does not exist as an abstract attribute of God but only in God’s actual loving of human beings and the world.”

This being drawn into an event will be presented as metanoia, repentance, in Bonhoeffer’s prison writings.  It is a repentance, a turning to others in this world.  Others unjustly, unkindly walked over.  The will of God is to turn as did Christ to join in His community to do and walk as Prophet Micah said.