The Detroit Free Press reported yesterday that while Ladder 22 responded to a fire on Dundee near Grand River someone stole their saws.

I’m certain that was the fire which burned down the building dedicated in 1928 for use by The Salvation Army as the Detroit Temple Corps. It is the building that I worked in and from more than four years as we planned for and saw a new building go up on West Chicago just west of Dexter to replace it.

Miracle of miracles, a Nigerian businessman bought that old building from the Army. Young people in the neighborhood would bring us the latest news on what it was being used for. Not particularly noble uses.

And now, from what I am hearing (thank you for your report, Artee Lewis) it is pretty much gone.

I’m sorry, Detroit Fire Department. You face more challenges than is fair. Especially around Halloween and the dramatic duality played out each year of Devils Night/Angels Night. People setting fires. People trying to prevent fires.

While fighting the fire on Dundee Street someone stole your saws. It’s happened to you before. Might again. Hope not.