I am feeling like one of those squirrels running around here before the snow falls.  This morning I looked to my left as I ran on Argonne in Kirkwood.  Seven squirrels in one front yard.  That’s a lot of squirrels.

Running, but also because as I clean email tonight I am finding what I’ve saved.  Not acorns but articles.  Such as 5 Key Themes Emerging From the ‘New Science of Cities’, in The Atlantic’s Citylab of September 19.  What is recent research revealing about “the dynamic behavior of cities”?  The research is based on Jane Jacob‘s insights of over 50 years ago how understanding “the emerging sciences of ‘organized complexity'” could help urban planning.

Jane Jacobs

For instance, the wealth of a city grows from its ‘small change’:  when humans are able to connect in the most unassuming of encounters on sidewalks and other public spaces.  And cities underperform when people are excluded, isolated or restricted.

Worth the quick read.  Check it out.