We are headed west on a Missouri state road this Sunday morning, headed into Carthage to conduct worship.

We just passed through a town here out in the beautiful green pastures, herds of cattle quiet.  Perhaps even worshipping (so Gail suggested).

But the town which will remain nameless was grim.  Crumbling ramshackle houses and former stores.  It all reminded me of Detroit.  Famous Detroit, for its fall from vibrant density to decriptitude.  In Detroit you see the outlines of what once was.  Abandoned structures, empty city blocks, streets now too quiet.

This grim Missouri town we passed through minutes ago was never a vital urban center.   But it was a center for its rural area of the Show Me State.  Now it is a reminder of the way of cities, of towns, of this Urban Millennium in which all things urban are being challenged and reordered.

We just arrived in Carthage.