This morning I read this article by Susan Herberg, a St Louisan, who is “not going to shut up”.

Susan wrote in this week’s issue of the St Louis American of the St Louis Language Immersion School her daughter attends.  A leadership transition is now taking place at the SLLIS.  Susan takes strong exception with where the school is headed.

What caught my attention in her article:

  • a journey away from white privilege that has brought her from comfortable suburb to the rich diversity of life in St Louis’ Tower Grove East neighborhood. I know where that is, just west of Benton Park West, home of the Urban Mission Center.  And where Gail and I are headed in a few weeks (yes! it really is happening; July 27 is the move date).
  • SLLIS brings “students of all backgrounds together in a public charter school … using the innovative inquiry-based teaching curriculum of the International Baccalaureate program”.  Our daughter Kirsten also had the IB experience, a challenging and rich one.
  • “two old white guys .. and now my prejudice is showing.  I have had it with old white guys…”  Susan, is this just a prejudicial ranting?  or is there more to this than your article says?  I know you want Rhonda Broussard “our transformative, inspirational leader back”.  You write “if you see her, tell her she is an amazing person for bringing this school to life.”  Now I want to know more about what is happening at the SLLIS.

A neighbor-to-be.  An educational approach I believe is excellent.  And two old white guys.  Moving this month into the city has me looking.