NY Times recently featured abandoned cars as a New York memory.  148,257 of these cars were removed in 1988.  In 2013?  2,156.

1980’s west side Chicago featured an abandoned car next door to the entrance of our Salvation Army building on West Madison Street at Ogden.  It was, to say the least, an unsavory stretch of Madison.  Leaving the building at night usually meant witnessing some sex business in progress in that abandoned car.

During the early part of this millennium in Detroit it seemed every burning abandoned car contained a body.  What fascinated me was the amount of parts sitting on expressways which had fallen off cars.  Fenders, quarter panels, parts from under the hood.  Detritus.  It made for challenging driving combined with crumbling concrete pavement,  broken traffic signals, dead dogs, and non functioning street lights.

I am glad for NYC.  Detroit drivers, keep your eyes open.