Okay, I’ve been cleaning up scads of email thus all these Intersection posts today.

Here’s another, this one from January while listening to jazz on one of my many Missouri road trips.

Listening to jazz, I think “urban music”.  It’s very angular.  Like the lines of a city’s buildings and streets.  Concentrated, like the density of buildings, structures.  Even cultures, how different cultures are packed into cities.  And because of that you’ve got to be compact.  You need to fit, to be able to squeeze everything in.  Yeah, rhythm allows it to all jiggle in.  Playful.  What is that Portuguese word used in Brazil for the skill to be able to make deals take place, jecinho?  My Portuguese dictionary is stashed in one of the book boxes waiting to move to 2708 Arsenal.

Miles Davis.  Here’s one of his coolest cuts courtesy of YouTube, Blue in green.