school stalls

I’ve seen this before.

The issue really isn’t the buildings.  It’s “decades of declining enrollment … as students have left for the suburbs and charter schools”.  St Louis is not unique.  More famously, Detroit has been going through this.  And other American cities.  At its peak in 1967 St Louis public school enrollment was 115,543.  Current enrollment is 26,000.  A 77% drop.

Elisa Crouch’s St Louis Post-Dispatch article reports that 45 buildings have been closed in the last 10 years leaving 74 in use.

St Louis hopes to interest buyers to take and repurpose some of these closed school buildings.

With the superiority of naval air power came the end of battleships.  Streaming has replaced the phonograph.  Obsolescence is part of humanity’s modern project.  Urban systems and infrastructures have a rough time dealing with obsolescence.  What to do with 21 old buildings?