El Bronco on Cherokee Street.  Chips, salsa and more talking about life in Benton Park West for those of us who have become the newest Temple House dwellers.
I order the steak tacos.  Small soft corn tortillas doubled to hold the steak bits garnished with radish slice, cilantro and chopped onion.  Drizzled with juice from a thick lime wedge.  It has become my recent go-to on the El Bronco menu.  With rice and beans?  $6.95.  Beats Wendy’s chicken sandwich.

We sit and talk about life in our neighborhood.  How to be good neighbors.  How to watch for the occasional dangers.  

Sara led us in an exercise of identifying ten ways to be good neighbors.  We reference Jon Huckins’ Thin Places which we studied last year.  Jon also came to St Louis earlier this year to teach on this subject, and how a community can be formed which supports those who enter into the mission of God, missio Dei, in the world.  

For us in Temple Houses it is the urban world known as St Louis.  And a time which is now the Urban Millennium.  The first time in which the majority of human beings in the history of the world live in urban places.
For us, how to begin?


Into the places, rhythms, life of our city’s neighborhood.