Here we are, at least those of us able to spend this day as an urban retreat:  

I snapped the picture just before we loaded up in the minivan.  It is Saturday morning and the weather is remarkable.  Sunny, cool breezes, today’s high in the low 70s.

We headed for Soulard.  But first:

John’s Donuts which I’ve eaten quite few over the years but this was my first actual visit. I ate two glazed donuts. Among some of the best I’ve eaten ANYWHERE

Next, shopping Soulard’s.  Cash only.  Three big California peaches which the lady shopping next to me gushed about.  A little bit of sugar, a little bit of Splenda, a little bit of sauteeing.  Don’t let them get brown.  Delicious.  She beamed.  The purveyor grinned.

Also, I got an ugly cantalope.  Which in my estimation tend to be the best tasting.  It hefted right and smelled right.  

Now, on our way to Forest Park and 1875 St Louis which is a fascinating exhibit.  Visit it and you begin to understand many of today’s dynamics in St Louis and our region.

I’ll post more about this later. 

 We started last night with chili dinner, teaching and sharing at Sara’s.  Our Temple Houses retreat in the city.  TH are in transition again as most of those who have been with us the last year or tow have transitioned on to new places.  Including three who are now in Chicago, training to become Salvation Army Officers.  

Our retreat is giving several new TH dwellers the chance to meet and learn about one another.  To talk and learn what we wll be doing as we train for missional living as a community in our St Louis urban setting.

Recently we took stock.  How many?  Almost thirty have been Temple House dwellers.  And now we start again.