Here they are –  

 preparing to enter –  

We were guests at the St Louis Adult Rehabilitation Center on Forest Park  Avenue.  The St Louis ARC is one of a hundred ARCs operated by The Salvation Army throughout the USA.  ARC specializes in a program for men and women dealing with substance abuse/addictive behaviors. 

I failed to get a picture during the morning worship.  Major Katrina Mathews directing the choir.  One of the leaders in an astonishing leap out of his pew to worship.  A graduate’s earnest words on completing the 180 day ARC program.  His mother’s testimony, that she sees something very different in her son; he’s been transformed.

At lunch we debrief.  Wrap up other business.  And then return to Benton Park West to tag team our one mower as we cut our lawns.  From the house at Wyoming to the California house and then to ours at 2708 Arsenal.  Texas house will get done later this week.  After I finish, I push the mower back to the basement at the Temple Corps.

 Early this morning I cleaned up a little in the alley.  Someone else’s mess. Rooting up crab grass growing between the paving bricks.

Sara tells us that being a good neighbor means giving attention to these kinds of things.  

Being a good neighbor also means unplanned-for time and energy away from planned-for matters of our personal/individual/private lives.

We talked about this quite a bit yesterday.

We live lives where things are tidy, on time, arranged in an economy of things fitting into an orderly and neat life.  We do have jobs, school, commitments.

We also walk down the street, on our way to the next thing on our agenda, but stop to make time for someone, a neighbor, a person who may be in need.

We are learning to live our lives in the tension between both.

We are learning when to be on time or when to make time.

One last thought.  If we choose to make time, it’s a creative action.  The appearance of time comes in the Genesis account of creation.  There is a sun and moon.  Seasons.  And the Genesis narrator’s voice says there was evening.  There was morning.  The first day. (Genesis 1:5)