Last night we headed west on Arsenal Street to Linda’s place.  Sweatshirt.  Light sweater.  December with no coats.

Has the weather this month where you live been warm, remarkably warmer than usual?  It’s been so in St Louis.  Yesterday may have set a record high with temps in the low 70s.  Our December weather is acting as backdrop for the global climate summit just ending in Paris.

We have now lived 14 weeks in Benton Park West.  Am I noticing what is going on in my neighborhood?

My morning run.  I run south through several of our neighborhoods.  Benton Park West.  Mount Pleasant.  Gravois Park.  Dutchtown.  Quiet places in the morning.  No crazy stuff other than a rare stray dog who wants to get too close to me.  I see neighborhoods rubbing their eyes as they put children out to wait for school buses.  Men and women returning from night shifts.

I also am beginning to notice changes.  New work beginning on the old yet beautiful St Louis brick houses on every block.  Mansions and humble working class homes built in the 19th century.  I note the portico temporarily propped on Nebraska Street now displaying proper columns.  One of my favorite places at a southwest corner on Ohio that has had backyard cleanup going on for weeks, now there are lights inside.  Is someone planning to fix up and live in it?

All along the streets of my running route I see the same places, and change.

This change, sometimes seen incrementally, other times dramatic (like another house on Nebraska wiped off its lot by demolition), I am learning to see it.

It is part of a larger rhythm, the rhythm of a city.

Here’s the entrance to that Ohio house –

photo 4 (2)