Gary Busiek sent me a link to this St Louis Post-Dispatch story on the work called NightLIFE which the Reverend Kenneth McKoy leads in North St Louis.  Reverend McKoy is the pastor at Progressive AME Zion Church in St Louis’ Hamilton Heights neighborhood.

Reverend McKoy leads a small group that walks neighborhood streets for three hours each Saturday night.  Their focus is on young people, the young people at risk for violence.  NightLIFE shares sandwiches and prayer.  The point?  “They’re building relationships. Spreading hope. Spreading the message that they love the city’s young people more than they fear them.”

An excellent story.  And Reverend McKoy expressed what is at the center of what and why he does this.

“Hey, man, every time we pray for someone, God blesses them. That’s why we’re out here for you all. If you all don’t make it, we’re not going to make it.”

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