If you are visiting this page it’s probably because I mentioned it to you during our Saturday session at Eagle Crest Camp in Heartland Division.

Here is the population growth rate by county for Illinois and Iowa

Play with the Index Mundi site to discover other ways to use it to find out more about population and demographic changes in your community.  It is a really great tool!

I presented Kaleidoscope Institute‘s Respectful Communication Guidelines, Mutual Invitation, and Kaleidoscope Bible Study Process and mentioned Creating A Grace Margin and the Iceberg Analogy of Culture.   You can find additional information about these and more tools for creating and strengthening a corps in our ‘changing reality’.  KI has excellent resources and presenters such as Leroy Chambliss who can come to train your people.

This is a brief paper with the Intercultural Competence Model of Dr. Darla Deardorff.  You’ll find the diagram of the Model at the end of the paper.

Last of all this is the session Power Point.  Feel free to use it   Familiar Faces ldrshp for a chngng wrld