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Bob Lupton is one of my favorites.  I agree with him.  I disagree with him.  Regardless, he inspires and challenges. bob_lupton

Here’s his most recent Urban Perspectives blog, about Capitalism and the Kingdom.  You might also want to check out his Atlanta based Focused Community Strategies.


A crisis requires emergency intervention;
       A chronic problem requires development.
Address a crisis need with a crisis intervention,
       And lives are saved.
Address a chronic need with a crisis intervention,
       And people are harmed.

Bob Lupton writes this in his latest blog and it should make us Salvation Army people wince, get defensive, and listen up.  Read more about Chronic or Crisis.

Read Bob Lupton’s latest Urban Perspective blog about a Texas church that gave what was not wanted.  It’s an excerpt from his newest book about to be released, Toxic Charity I’ll be looking for a copy at the CCDA Conference in October.  Bob will likely be there, too.

We are now on ‘furlough’, what Salvation Army officers call vacation.  I am catching up on reading email.  Most of it:  delete.

I do check NY Times for Verlyn Klinkenborg columns, notes from friends (Dean Kellenburger’s Wisconsin outdoors news), and FCS Urban Perspectives from Bob Lupton in Atlanta.

Bob writes from an experience typical among those who work in urban settings, in hard places where great needs are met by too few resources, too few friends.   In these conditions the survival of urban missioners requires transformation.

In a recent blog Bob expresses his contentment in “a simple belief” that has developed over several decades serving in urban communities.  What he suggests may have implications for your personal faith.  It may make you feel uncomfortable, even alarm you.  I recommend it.

We generally avoid going places where our faith is rigorously challenged.  We tend to feel uncomfortable when we are not surrounded by fellow believers who look, sound and act like us.  We prefer to be safe, to be comfortable where our views are bought and sold.  Like a Christian bookstore.

Mission means going to unlikely places.  Not politic places (John 1:10-11).  We need times and places for rest and comfort, our ‘furlough’.  But design a Christian lifestyle, our life of service, around permanent ‘furlough’?  How about a nice temperate place, neither hot nor cold?

In mission, as we go and give in this world that God so loved, we are challenged and changed.

All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.  (Matthew 25:32)

Bob Lupton’s latest blog slams institutional Christianity.  Ouch. 

Professional pastors.  Church planters.  Institutional self-interest.  Seminaries.  Church growth.  Oww, oww.  He gets us all, writing of “Unity – The Forgotten Commandment” appropriate in the context of this Holy Week and Jesus’ words from John 15.

Lupton challenges us to a witness which demonstrates to the world that we love each other.  He claims that it is in the hard, dark places that this kind of witness brings light.  Hard to argue with Bob, and John 15 and 17.

To learn more about Bob Lupton and FCS Urban Ministries in Atlanta visit the FCS website.

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