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Urban?  Multicultural?  Social justice?  Global?

All these topics and more are the content for one impressive conference coming this spring to the Chicago area, Mission On Our Doorsteps, April 18 – 20.

It looks like a dream tag-team squaring off against the forces of evil.  Really.

Will it be as good as it’s promotion?

I want to go and see something happen that will help Chicago become less racially-divided as a city.  Including our churches.

And from the description it looks as good an event can be for Salvation Army work in our cities, especially for our Chicago corps and ministries.mission on our doorsteps

What first caught my attention was Ray Bakke, one of several featured presenters.  Many of us consider Bakke the dean of urban ministry.  Also, a number of speakers and practitioners familiar to us Salvation Army people.  CCDA.  Brenda Salter McNeil.  Matthew Soerens.  Elyse (Dalberg) Dobney will be part of a presentation on human trafficking.

Salvation Army officers and corps which share a building with one or more congregations (Chicago Irving Park, Chicago Temple, Aurora IL, etc):  check out Under One Roof which will present on “building healthy partnerships between congregations of different ethnicity who share worship space”.

Chicago Mayfair Community Church (Salvation Army), Latino corps/congregations, and others:  check out Generational Issues Among Immigrant Churches.  Generation 2.0, etc.

What nags me about the conference is that it will be hosted at Wheaton Bible Church out in pleasant suburban West Chicago.  Why not in Chicago?  Englewood or West Pullman?

Because there aren’t any Hampton Inns, Marriotts, etc.  Irony.


Gail and I enjoyed hearing Richard Twiss give his presentations at the 2011 CCDA conference in Indianapolis.  I felt some kinship, at a shy distance.  Same age.  Four children.  Conversion the same year.  And many times feeling the odd man out in terms of being part of a Christian culture and community that too often makes it clear that my background is different from theirs.Richard_Twiss 3

Richard died in DC earlier this month while there to participate in the National Prayer Breakfast.  Here’s a video at the Huffington Post, “Operating Out of Perception”.  I think you’ll pick up something of Richard’s way of getting us to think.  So that maybe we would change?

Urban.  People of color.  A lost presidential election.  Are these supposed to add up?

Michael Shear and Jennifer Steinhauer report in the New York Times that Paul Ryan is talking about the cities.  The article is full of facts and opinions about the impact, real and perceived, America’s cities had in last week’s election.  Marc Morial of the National Urban League makes an observation on the changing nature of our suburbs, something which is now almost old news.

I have a little time before breakfast at Denny’s with my uncle and aunt, so I am enjoying Minnesota ‘nice’ weather at Palmer Park here in Brooklyn Center.

Last evening and this morning I am mildly awestruck at the diversity here, especially so by the number of interracial couples in public. The diversity of the Twin Cities northwest suburbs is striking to a person used to the racially defined suburbs and neighborhoods of Chicago. It brings to mind those depictions of the world to come in Jehovah’s Witness literature.

It was even (confession here) unsettling to my Chicago-programmed mind. Why aren’t people where they are supposed to be?

These are suburbs, yet a diversity we associate with the city exists here, a degree of diversity that is still rare in Chicago.

Why? Is it Minnesota’s ‘liberal’ tradition and ‘nice’ culture?

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