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City Vision College’s spring term begins March 18.  City Vision College

CVC offers an online program to earm a bachelors degree in urban ministry.  The Salvation Army St Louis Temple Houses currently have two City Vision students serving as interns with another arriving this week.  If you are interested contact Auxiliary/Captain Steve Diaz.

Stephen-diaz@usc.salvationarmy.orgas of 2012 Christmas Eve AM 719

Here’s information from CVC –

The next term for City Vision College is starting on Monday March 18th. You still have time to register. Individual online courses are just $600 for a three-credits and you can register online now. If you want to learn more call 816-960-2008 <tel:816-960-2008>, or visit

Learn more about our degree completion programs

For the past few years, the only financial aid that City Vision College provided was Pell Grant, but we were just recently approved to receive Federal Loans. If you are a new student, then follow the
instructions at:, and select whether you want to apply for Pell Grants, Federal Loans or both.

Can’t afford tuition? Individuals willing to work as a full-time intern qualify to receive free tuition, room and board (see



Kimberly Thornton is now serving in Kansas City at the Bellefontaine Corps as the first intern of the Urban Ministry Internship Program. Kimberly is a student of the City Vision College. Check back for an update.

Captain Dale Simmons is now inteviewing candidates for the internship at the Bellefontaine Corps in Kansas City. He says it looks like they will be able to have someone in place by the first week of January.

Update 7/5/12 – The Urban Ministry Internship Program has expanded to four internships all based at the St Louis Temple Corps in south St Louis.

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