Last summer our daughter Kirsten served as a trainee with Majors Bob and Collette Webster at the Kroc Center in South Bend IN.

Kirsten wrote at that time –

The Kroc Center here in South Bend has a Unity Garden.  It is part of a community initiative to make sure everyone has access to fresh vegetables, as well as educating everyone about how to grow this food.  I spoke with a volunteer on Saturday about her Unity garden- she said last year they had to replant the garden because the whole first crop died- the learning curve.  Education about fresh vegetables is critical in this community to help people access the food available growing from the ground 🙂  And it is provided by this initiative.


Here’s specific mention of the Salvation Army’s partnering with Unity Gardens.  Scroll down and you’ll see a couple photos of work on the Army’s garden (sorry, I couldn’t post them here).

Good investment in the community, and a nice collaborative arrangement!